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Temporada De Ballenas 2022
Temporada De Ballenas 2022
%Argentinavision - Excursiones en Puerto Madryn%
%Argentinavision - Excursiones en Puerto Madryn%

Puerto Madryn 2023

Tours in Puerto Madryn

Whale Season in Puerto Madryn 2022

Enjoy the encounter with nature and the most beautiful skies in Patagonia.

Whale Watching Tips:
Inside the boarding terminal, toilets and boat, the use of a face mask is mandatory.
The placement of life jackets, boarding and disembarking will be carried out by travel bubbles or cohabitating groups, places will be assigned within the boat, trying to respect them throughout the sighting.

General recommendations:
Frequent hand washing, stay in closed spaces respecting the recommended social distancing.
By carrying out the activity in open boats, the risk of contagion is lower.

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